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Office of the Children’s Guardian


Studio Stedman recently worked with Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) across awareness and online safety education initiatives. The OCG is a non-for-profit organisation that “promotes the interests and rights of children and young people living in out-of-home care”.

Brief: Brand Identity

The NSW Office of Children’s Guardian needed a stand-alone logo for Child Safe to launch a suite of Child Safe eLearning packages targeting institutions that involve children.

We created a simple but effective logo that aligned with the organisation’s existing brand image. The design represented both children and eLearning through the most recognisable (and kid-accessible) electronic device.

The new eLearning logo is now used across all platforms and channels – print, online and within the eLearning Portal.

Brief: Animation

The OCG has a huge obligation to ensure 1,600 children and young people are housed every night. An even bigger challenge is highlighting this logistical headache to a room full of people within the industry.

We developed creative concepts that would best demonstrate the issue and designed the foundation of an animation. We managed the production in collaboration with YourFilm, who brought one important part the OCG story to life.

The simple but effective Pac-Man-like animation was packaged and ready for the OCG to present at an industry event.